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What Operations can Plastic Surgery Thailand arrange for you?


  • Liposuction
  • Larger Breasts(breast augmentation / implants )
  • Smaller Breasts breast reduction, breast lifts)
  • Hair restoration
  • Liposuction - Body Reshaping
  • Eye Surgery for Improved vision - Eye Surgery (Lasik)
  • Improve your Facial Looks
    (Face lifts, eye lid surgery, facial surgery, botox etc.)

All Cosmetic surgery!   All Dental procedures!   All General surgery!

* Packages inclusive of Travel, Accommodation and Medical procedures

Plastic Surgery Thailand is  your Australian Medical Tourism Specialist!

If you are like others then you are looking for more affordable Dental Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery than they can afford at home and this is where can assist.

When dealing with you will be dealing with a 100% owned and operated Australian company that has directors that live and work in Thailand.

Directors that you can rely upon to provide you true and accurate information.

Local Knowledge is important when you are trying to find out about Thai surgeons, Thai hospitals, surgical practices, treatments and hospital administration. Speaking to a local will help you feel comfortable and truly help you find out all you want to know about Thai surgery.

Not only will you be dealing with Australian staff that regularly meets with with surgeons and hospital management but you will be assisted by our Thai staff. Having native Thai’s on staff means Language Translation is not a barrier and for you this means we can ensure that we make good and proper arrangement.

We are not ‘arm chair experts’. Our Management has had surgery in Thailand and of course dental work for both ourselves and our families.

We are a company with a team of professionals that in a friendly way will make appropriate arrangements for your entire trip to Phuket or Bangkok and a team that really does care about the results that we achieve for you.

"Thank you John, your service is outstanding.
My decision to use Plastic Surgery Thailand and to proceed with my two operations was one of the best choices I believe I have ever made. "
-Jimmy, Victoria (liposuction & hair replacement)


"I was fearful of not getting a good surgeon and hospital. Plastic Surgery Thailand arranged the absolute best care. Looking back now I do not know why I was so worried"
-Ann, Perth (breast enlargement)

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