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Plastic Surgery Thailand is the Australian Leader in Medical Tourism to Thailand. We assist with Dental, Plastic, General, Hair Grafts, Lasik Eye and any surgery you can obtain at home.

Over ten years ago we commenced our company by assisting Australians and then increasingly developed a market presence in New Zealand and now we assist patients from all parts over the globe.

We would like to state how grateful we are for the assistance that we have received from the Thai people. In our little way we thank them by making charitable donations on the basis of the previous years income. We are pleased that over the last years we have always been able to increase our annual donations to Thai charities.

Why use Plastic Surgery Thailand:-


Today there are many medical tour companies advertising on the internet. Finding and using a company you can rely upon is absolutely critical when organising such an important trip.


1.Finding a medical tour company you can rely on.

We offer a CONVENIENT & EASY way to obtain your MEDICAL TOUR PACKAGE.

We can coordinate everything to suit your needs. Step off the plane, night or day and you will can be transported to your accommodation and then it is on to the procedures you have dreamed of !

2.Your essential consideration with any medical trip must be:-

Am I getting a first class surgeon? Am I getting a world class Tier 1 hospital?

We know who you should use and where you should go.

3.We will assist you with arranging your surgeon /dentist, hotels, collection from the airport, coordinating times for your consultation, surgery bookings, hospital bookings and of course we will provide lots of local information.

4.We will ensure there are NO HIDDEN COSTS & NO SURPRISES once you reach Thailand.

5.We are an AUSTRALIAN business that understands the needs and concerns of Australians. An Australian consultant will help you from start to finish and of course you can speak to your Australian consultant when seeking any help. A consultant that knows Thailand and Thailands hospital network (NOT a call centre), but a caring experienced Australian expert.

6.We ONLY use LEADING SURGEONS that are very well qualified and that have significant experienced and that work with the latest technology when conducting your plastic surgery operations and dental surgery procedures.

7.We provide affordable cost for plastic surgery treatments and the best dental and plastic surgery options.

We have successfully arranged thousands of dental, eye, nose, face, ear, breast and body surgeries. So we really do understand your Thailand options.

Let us restore your body so you look younger and more beautiful and most importantly let us provide an experience that will make you VERY happy with your new look.

Plastic Surgery Services in Thailand:


* Dental Surgery.

* Eyelid,face & chin surgery.

* Nose reshaping and enlargement.

* Hair Grafts.

* Nose, neck, arms and ear surgery.

* Tummy Tucks.

* Breast implants, lift and reduction.

* Eye laser treatment.

* Liposuction.

* Vein Treatments.

For more details on services visit Cosmetic Surgery | Breast Enlargement | Liposuction.

If you are like any procedure and you want affordable Plastic Surgery Services that you can not justify or afford at home then contact us as our company can assist you.

Our Doctors, Staff and Directors

We have Dr that contracts directly to us so as we can assists patient with accurate advice.

When dealing with plastic surgery thailand you will be dealing with a 100% owned and operated Australian company that has directors that live and work in Thailand. Directors that you can rely upon to provide you true and accurate information.

Local Knowledge is important when you are trying to find out about Thai surgeons, Thai hospitals, surgical practices, treatments and hospital details. Speaking to a local will help you feel comfortable and will help you find out all you want to know about Thai surgery.

You will deal with Australian staff that regularly meets with surgeons and hospital management & you will also be assisted by our Thai staff. Having native Thais on staff means Language Translation is not a barrier and for you this means we can ensure that we make good and proper arrangement.

We are a company with a team of professionals that in a friendly way will make appropriate arrangements for your entire trip to Thailand and a team that really does care about the results that we achieve for you.

We are happy to report that our Company has been receiving excellent reviews from clients.

"John, Apple and team .
I want to say a big, big thanks for your help and professionalism.  From the start you know I was very nervous about Plastic Surgery especially overseas. Your surgeon was the best and everything went perfectly. I really appreciate your help and will be telling all my friends about you."
- Meredith


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